About Us

Saint Sophia Greek School began over 100 years ago at the original Cathedral location. There Greek Americans would take their children to learn the Greek Language every day. Over the years the location of the school changed going from the Cathedral, to a neighboring home because of the growth of the small community school and finally to the Frosene Center in the latter years. For over 50 years the Cathedral has also hosted Greek Language studies for Adults. The community continues to support the growth and success of the school to reach the goal of enlightening young and old minds alike on the beauty of the Greek culture, language and immense history.


To teach the Greek language, history, music, dance and culture in a caring and nurturing environment. 


Greek School Faculty Emerite & Ellinomatheia Levels A1 & A2 Instructor: ​Dr. Andriana Kalapothakos

Greek School Administrator: ​Mrs. Effie Kalapothakos

Pre-K Teacher: Mrs. Effie Fontoglou

Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs. Vicky Kalograni

Level One Teacher: ​Mr. Constantine Nikopoulos


Level Two Teacher: Mrs. Vivian Kambanis

Dance Instructor- Mrs. Maria Panayotou